Bellerophon Pistol 1964

Bellerophon Alpha


Submachine Pistol

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

20-30 Rounds

Maximum Ammunition

30 Rounds

Primary Fire
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Full Automatic
  • Secondary Fire
  • Full Auto Energy Bolts
  • Ammunition
  • 9x19mm Parabellum
  • .45 ACP
  • Energy Rounds
  • Rate of Fire







    The BP-64 (Bellerophon Pistol 1964) is a Submachine Pistol that was first developed by Reese Washington. It is the sidearm of Bellerophon Alpha along with their primary weapon; the BR-60.

    Early StartEdit

    The BP-64 started coming around in the year 1963; when requests came in from his platoon to create an advanced pistol that they could use on the battlefield as a back up in case they ever lost their rifle. Reese eventually came up with this beauty when he combined the Reaper Carbine with an SVT-40. The weapon; like it's primary counterpart; performed flawlessly against Chimeran Hybrids.

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