Month of December. December 26, 1951. Initial ReleaseEdit

Week OneEdit

Hello, my fellow subscribers. The initial goal of "The Projector" is to give news to a select number of citizens that wish to know what is happening in the outside world, even if this "newspaper" is only a page long. This whole newspaper was written on a typewriter by thirty people. Yes, thirty. That means we made thirty copies for our thirty subscribers. We all have the same goals here at The Projector. Give.

  • News:

President Harvey McCullen was appointed president after the death of ol' Noah Grace. You don't care how he died, do you? Neither do I.

  • News Across The World

My friend in Brazil told me that he has seen sightings of Chimeran ships over his town. He said he could hear the thundering footsteps of the Goliaths. He went to high ground with his wife and child. Sadly, as they were climbing the highest hill in town, his wife had a slight misstep and lost her footing. She had fallen down the hill and into the hands of the menace. She told him to go on without her, to take their son to safety, and with strong reluctance he finally complied. He told me the journey to Rio was long and hard. He said he hitched a ride onto a VTOL that was transporting civilians out of Rio. He's sitting right next to me as he's telling me this. It's really hard to believe that the Chimera have taken Rio. I was over there just a few months back and everything was quite nice.

  • Other News:

My friend in Idaho says that everything is too quiet. People aren't outside as much, stores are going out of business and even schools are out extra-early (By extra early I mean "Daytime" early. 10 o'clock early). She said that the thought of the Chimeran invasion has got everyone on high-alert. People have taken drastic measures. She's staying with a friend in an illegal apartment in Boisy and she said his wife had given birth. The baby's crying was so loud that the husband wanted to silence the child to avoid being known. What is this world coming to? And how does an apartment become "illegal"?

---Adrianna Fetch, Headmaster at The Projector

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