R2 concept 01

In the ruins of Cambridge, two lone soldiers walk through desolate streets. There is no sound of life, only the low cackle of fires and the wrapping sound of newspapers being blown about. There are so six-eyed monsters to scare them into a nightmare. There are no joyful souls occupying the shops. Only glass--broken glass--and spent bullets decorate the streets. Faded blood has tainted the walls, streets...and memories. The two soldiers, Rowley and Roland, are lucky to be alive. They are brothers born from the wombs of different mothers...they are one the same.

Roland: "What do they think about?"

Rowley: What is there to think about? Nothing! They only follow what their Hivemind tells them.

Roland: I know...but I saw a Chimera with a keychain attached to it's cooling units. Why would it have a keychain? If it doesn't think, then it shouldn't know what to do with a Keychain.

Rowley: you overanalyze too much.

Roland: really? I'm just trying to see the logic to everything

Rowley stops, listening intently to the extreme silence.

Rowley: do you hear that?

Roland: no, I heard nothing

From behind them is the loud droning of a Stalker

Rowley and Roland exchange worried stares, and then they break into a run. They turn their attention to the alleyways and keep quiet as the robotic drone passes by. There's fear that is evoked from the sound of those robotic footsteps. Rowley hears the familiar growl of a Chimeran soldier. Roland begs him not, but Rowley does not listen. He peers out of the alley and sees a squadron of Chimera following the Stalker. Three Steelheads and four Hybrids walk in unison, following a simple directive. One of the Hybrids ceases to walk, and in one short movement it looks at the toy dragon in it's hand. There's a hidden memory resurfacing, but the Chimera does not recognize it, but it knows it belongs in it's mind. Quickly as it came, the human instinct of reminiscence disappears and the Chimera follows the squad. Rowley, shocked and bewildered, starts to wonder many things.

Roland: what did you see?

Rowlwy: a was gazing at a toy dragon...almost like it owned the toy

Roland: see? Didn't I tell you? They remember things!

Rowley wants to forget, but for some reason he cannot let go. That thought burned in him: do the Chimera have the memories of their human hosts? Are they not just singular lifeforms?