I have created this wiki after seeing so many "fanon" wikis on the Wikia Network. I said, "Hey, Resistance is a great game with a compelling storyline. It deserves a Fanon wiki." and so I created one. And with the upcoming release of Resistance 3, I expect the wiki to have a boom in fanfiction.

Um, this is going to be off topic: I saw a video for Resistance 3's "Gaming Experience," on the Resistance wiki, and is it me, or does one scene in the video somewhat resemble Halo? From what I remember from Resistance 2, I've never seen Chimera being deployed from a dropship. Other than that, it looks like a great game and I hope to see some Resistance fanfiction posted here. AND if you want to avoid giving birth to a Mary Sue, I suggest you read this guide to fanfic writing on the Halo Fanon:

Skip to the part about Mary Sue. It's the most important guide you'll ever read.