Team Widowmaker VS Team Goliath is an upcoming community poetry story. Members of Team Widowmaker will write poems about a war in America, while Team Goliath will write poems about a war in Europe. Members of each team will post links to their story-poems in this blog post. Right now there is no current voting system on this fanon wiki, so the contest is not much of a contest at the moment. However, you are welcome to contribute ideas to this contest. Members of Team Widowmaker can include an image of a Widowmaker on their userpage to signify their alliance with the team, and vise-verse for members for Team Goliath. It is also noted that if your story-poem is for the contest, it should be added to the category "Team Widowmaker" or 'Team Goliath".

Off topic: two images I put on here were already on the Resistance wiki and I did not know it until now :P.